The Clusterf*k

When I made this site, with the intention of preparing for my debut as an author, I decided to call my blog posts The Clusterf*k. To be completely honest, that’s exactly what it will be. A ramble of words, ideas, pictures, inspiration, frustrations, and, all-in-all, a clusterfuck of chaos. Oh, yeah, I swear. A lot. But supposedly that makes me smarter and more open and honest. Translation: I have no filter, hence the swearing and the ‘openness.’

I’m currently in the nail-biting, leg jiggling, no focus or patience throes of waiting for my very first beta readers to finish reading my damn book so I can get on with the editing, and on with the querying, and on with the writing.

Impatience is clearly one of my major character flaws.

While I wait the longest four weeks, like a junkie in withdrawal, for my friends and writing critters to do me this favor (and hopefully I’m doing them a favor, and they can’t put my book down), I thought I’d get started on The Ramble.

Part of being an author is setting up a platform for potential readers, potential haters, and your biggest fans (hey mom! dad!) to find you online. I know I love to follow authors, like Chuck Wendig, John Green, Diana Gabaldon, and the like. Especially Gabaldon—I live for those Daily Lines.

I’d like The Clusterf*k to be a place for personal ramblings and ravings, as well as discussion of writing craft, and even a place to explore other cultures. Because I’ve lived and visited so many places abroad, I love to discuss and reflect on things I’ve learned and experienced—share some anecdotes and offer some insight into places around the world.


More to come soon.



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