The Querying Game

Querying. Is. HARD.

I have spent the last two weeks rambling about my apartment, staring at my manuscript, revising my query letter, and indulging in piles of chocolate because querying is hard.

I am literally sending letters to agents, who have next-to-no-time, in the hopes that about 500 words will entice them to ask for the pleasure of reading my entire book. And then hopefully love it so much they want to represent me as a writer and champion my book to publishers.

Knock knock knock. Here’s my writing. YOU LIKE IT RIGHT? *shoves foot between door and frame* LIKE ME! PLEASE! *throws papers through the door before it slams shut in my face* PLEASE!

Do I smell like desperation yet?

So far, I’ve sent out about 15 query letters and received about 10 rejections. Mostly form letters without a drop of personalization, as well as a couple no reply’s. No one wants to keep reading Monsters of the Deep. No one has requested more pages. And nothing’s come of my efforts.

Cue the rambling, staring, revising, and indulging.

It’s taken the last few weeks to shake this funk and finally regain my confidence. How did I do it?

I turned to the writing community for solidarity, and I found it in the form of a new critique partner and writing friend. I sought feedback for my query and first chapter from new eyes. I revised. I kept writing.

And that’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned.

There’s nothing I can do once I send out a query letter. I can’t further convince an agent to keep reading than with the words I’ve already written in my manuscript and query. It’s completely out of my control. So instead I’ve taken action to further improve what I can control. And I found someone who is taking the journey with me and understands the struggle.

And it’s made all the difference.

Time to get back in the game.


9 thoughts on “The Querying Game

  1. rayneadams says:

    have you checked out agentqueryconnect? you can post your query and get really good, detailed feedback. (And is the pitch 500 words or the entire letter? Because 500 words sounds a little long. Then again, I would have to see it.) still, it’s great that you’ve found a CP! Good luck to you. I’m in the same boat and agree–querying blows.


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