2017: New Year, New Point of View

January 1, 2017, rolled into existence just five days ago and as new be


#Scrivathon16: the 24hr word sprint

A.Y. Chao


I’m revising, of course. But somehow the more I revise and think the more my brain seems to stretch. So on top of taking a developmental editing class with the incredible Rhay Christou  and another editing class—Before You Hit Send— with Angela James, working my revisions, and learning all about literary agency PR as an intern for Inklings Literary Agency, I’ve been thinking about word sprints.

Word sprints are timed writing spurts with the goal of writing as much as you can, and resisting the urge to edit, usually in tandem with other writers. I did a few wordsprints on Twitter when I needed to do some background digging into my main character. The sprinting was great fun, and a wonderful way to connect with other writers while still being productive.

My brain pulled and twisted and folded the idea of word sprints… and I thought—why not make…

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My Bujo and my Writing

Whether you have a bullet journal (bujo) or not, these are some simple ways I like to track my writing habits and keep myself on-task. For the self-rewarding, there's no better feeling than checking something off your to-do list. Even if you added it for the sole purpose of checking it off immediately.

Writing Communities: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I have a love-hate relationship with online writing communities. Some have birthed awesome relationships with crit-partners, beta readers, and writing mentors. Some are the equivalent of a cesspool of shit dropped into a dumpster everyone thinks smells like flowers except you. There are a lot of online communities out there—WattPad, Scribophile, Online Writing Workshop for SFF, … Continue reading Writing Communities: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly