#AMMConnect: Hopeful Bios

7In one month's time, Author Mentor Match opens to submissions for YA/MG writers with completed manuscripts. The program—AMM for short—matches unpublished writers with published and pre-published authors as part of a mentorship program. Watch the video below for more information straight from AMM's co-creator, Alexa Donne. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5t-EvN49Y-w Submissions open October 19 and close October 24. … Continue reading #AMMConnect: Hopeful Bios


Lessons in Craft: Head Hopping

Often a mistake made by newer writers, head hopping is one of the most frustrating things to encounter as a reader. Its definition is simple--when the narrator switches between one character's point of view to another without preamble or a signal to the reader about the change.

Lessons in Craft: Structure

In the second half of 2016, I focused on my writing and craft more than anything else and ever before. The book I wrote from earlier that year was a mess of epic proportions, and even then, I submitted that clusterfuck of a novel to #PitchWars 2016 and subsequently to an editor to help me realize what the fuck was wrong with it. Spoiler alert: it was pacing, which honestly boils down to structure.

Exposition in Fiction

Exposition, as a literary device, is defined as "the part of the story... in which the characters are introduced, the background is explained, and the setting is described." Many definitions claim that exposition takes place at the beginning of a story, but that's not necessarily true as there are entire lifetimes of backstory to mine for each character, as well as the world of the story.